Expected + 2000 Simultaneous Players
April 01, 2018

Regards, Lineage 2 Queen 500x is expected to hit +2000 players online simultaneously, seeing the quality grade implemented in every detail of the server, based on several years of experience in the field. We have a complete team of professionals to receive you in the best possible way, in an extremely pleasant environment! ADM-THOR

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Atualização 1.0
Olá caro jogadores, para manter o servidor divertido é não enjoativo é necessario algumas alterações para proporcionar mais diversã...
17 April, 2018

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3º   Wanza 5478 pvps
1º   RIBEIRO 930 pks
2º   TJFanauticO 862 pks
3º   lRiscafaca 474 pks
1º   Petrolina 8 lvl
2º   ClubeDoBolinha 8 lvl
3º   SoloGamming 8 lvl
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